one year to go

Here I am, staring down the one year mark until TO FLY AMONG THE STARS goes out into the world. I’m a little nervous to see what everyone will think of it, but mostly I’m just ready. I’m ready to share these stories, these heroes, these tragedies, and these triumphs with you all. It’s been brutal keeping them all in my cluttered brain for the last couple of years. I feel like I’m constantly starting sentences with “Did you know…?” and then blathering on about one astronaut or another. The individual stories are entertaining enough on their own. But oh my goodness, when you can incorporate these little vignettes into the greater historical drama, then you are hit with the magnitude of what you’re learning. It’s impressive that a woman flew a jet in the 1960s, of course. But learning that she did it against preposterous odds in order to further her chances at becoming one of the nation’s first astronauts!? Forget it. That’s just nuts.

Rebecca Rissman